Ancient woodland is being restored

Gough’s Coppice, in Church Stretton, Shropshire, covers some 3.87 hectares – only a fragment of the original ancient woodland remains.

Acquired by the Woodland Trust in 1997, Poplar, Norway Spruce and Larch had been planted in the 1950s as a timber crop. These trees are being removed and coppicing has been resumed. The impact of this work on ground flora is evident.  

The Woodland Trust has a management plan for the site.The aim is that In 50 year’s time, it will return the site to a well-structured, broad-leaved woodland equipt for the future.

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Gough’s Coppice is managed by the Woodland Trust
Tucked away on the hillside, this is a woodland well-worth a visit
A mature Beech, one of the few remaining original trees
As light-demanding trees are removed, ground cover is returning
The pathway beneath the expanding canopy
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