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Lucy Saunders surrounded by the flowers of her beloved Lake District

After the drama of recent months, and the various storms, it has been a welcome change to return to a calmer diary of tree work applications, requests for new Tree Preservation Orders and consultations on development proposals.

It is good to now be in the spring months.  The display of spring flowers has been really good here in the Lakes, with crocus, daffodils and Magnolias out in force.

I continue to work on identifying sites for tree planting.  The Lake District National Park is committed to the net zero carbon scheme and planting trees is part of this.  For planting to qualify, the sites need to be at least 0.5 hectares in size.  However, I am now looking at smaller sites, including car parks as small as 0.1 hectare.  These can be planted with trees because it is a good idea, even if they don’t count for the net zero scheme.

I am enjoying this because I am able to work on more amenity planting schemes rather than those focusing on woodlands.  I can choose trees of species we don’t normally plant here in the Lakes.

This includes Pear, Alder and London Plane, which are ideal in urban settings.  I am also keen to plant Monkey Puzzle, which is a bit exotic but ideal for places with some space.  The Fern leaf Beech is another tree I want to plant where space allows.

The great thing about planting trees on Council-owned sites is I am able to supervise their post-planting care, giving them the best chance of becoming established.

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