Planting trees by pulling together

By Shirley Edgar,

Tree Warden, Wellington, Herefordshire

I became tree warden four years ago.  Wellington is an historic village, within a Conservation Area.  

It has an active community and the environment is something residents value.   As residents, we were looking to enhance the local landscape.  We have an active women’s football team, and we recognised that their practice pitch, by the busy A49, is exposed to the prevailing winds.  The solution was to plant a screen of trees to protect from the wind and also to enhance the landscape.

I got in touch with the Woodland Trust who have been providing trees for community planting schemes.  They replied within 24 hours!  Once I had identified the location for the trees and a date for planting, arrangements were put in place for 400 small trees to be delivered.  They are natives suited to the setting, offering shelter from the prevailing winds and also seasonal colour.  We planted wild cherry, birch, cornus – the dog wood, hawthorn and rowan.

We also planted a Cherry, ‘Royal Burgundy’ to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee.  Cherry was chosen because there is an avenue of them within the site.

Local residents turned out in force to help with the planting.  We will be having a special fun week at the end of May to celebrate.

Here are pictures of the residents in action.

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