The right tree, in the right place – Looking after the trees

Trees are great, and we need to be planting more.  However, too often, what we plant doesn’t produce the long-lasting specimen trees we wish for: trees die, get too big, or have limited impact.  Part of the problem is that we often don’t plant trees suited to their setting.  This is the principle of Right Tree Right Place. Get it right and there are good results. In the coming months, we’ll be exploring how to get the Right Tree for the setting. This time, we are exploring LOOKING AFTER THE TREES

Planting trees is more than simply putting a tree in a hole and hoping for the best.  If we do this, success is less likely. We have explored, the ‘why’ and ‘where’.

The process to establishing trees is not complicated, but is based on some key principles.  In this series, we are exploring these, and how by applying them, we can get assets for the future.

Most trees will require some post-planting care, especially watering during the first year or so, and keeping the ground around the trunk weed-free.

It can be surprising how this aspect is overlooked, and how difficult it can be to get water to newly-planted trees.  

I recall seeing a new landscaping scheme around a prestigious new office complex.  It looked very elegant.  The new Birch trees had even been provided with smart boxes, raised above the ground, to frame the setting.

The problem was that the designer had overlooked the need to water the trees, especially as the soil was now free draining.  After one dry autumn, the trees were suffering drought stress, from which they didn’t recover.

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