Tree Planting Guide Part Two: Maintenance and Things to Avoid when planting trees

Tree Planting Guide Part Two: Maintenance and Things to Avoid when planting trees


1. First three months post-planting: Water regularly during dry conditions and in the first spring.

2. First five years post-planting: Keep the area around the tree weed-free.

3. For container trees, ensure the container has good drainage.

4. If your tree is not thriving or is showing signs of ill-health, contact an expert at an early stage before it deteriorates.


1. Don’t plant a tree with spreading roots (e.g. cherry, oak, willow or poplar) close to a hard surface such as a footpath or car park.

2. Don’t plant too deep. The roots need oxygen which is most widely available in the top 300-600mm of soil. If soil is piled around the trunk, the tree can start to rot.

3. Don’t plant too close to other trees. Smaller trees should be several metres apart. Trees that can grow bigger can have branches spreading out 10m from the trunk.

4. Don’t plant a tree in a raised border without access to water for irrigation, because the soil will drain more readily and will have a reduced capacity to hold water following rain.

5. Don’t store grass clippings or garden waste around a tree. As they rot, they release liquid nutrients in a concentrated form that can damage roots. They may also cause compaction to the soil, forcing air out. Tree roots need oxygen to live.

This guide has been produced by Cedarwood Tree Consultants

( for LEAF (Linking Education and Forestry). It is based on current best practice and was written in October 2021.

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