Trees of Amsterdam

Lucy Saunders, Tree Officer for The Lake District National Park, spent an enjoyable busman’s holiday amongst the

Trees of Amsterdam

This map, available at www. is a fantastic way to locate trees by age in Amsterdam


The highlight of my month was a week’s holiday in Amsterdam.  I had planned to visit this city some years ago, as a student.  Visiting with my experience working with trees made this extra special as I was able to explore the great trees with more insight than would have been the case years earlier.

There are some great specimens, and many are in a good condition.  All of the significant trees have been listed and details are on a main website including histories, which makes for a fascinating tour.  I only discovered this whilst there, so could see just a few.  I am keen to return and find more of these treasures.

The city also appeals with its history and architecture.  This was my first holiday since 2019 and I returned to work inspired and refreshed.

The weeks before my holiday were busy dealing with the aftermath of Storm Arwen.  Whilst Storms Dudley and Eunice had an impact in the south of England, I am relieved that they did not affect the trees here in the Lakes as severely.

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